Several Machinery maintenance Methods

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Proper maintenance is very necessary for every items including machinery. It can make them work properly at an extended period of time. There are some methods for the maintenance which one can perform today. You can see those methods in the following account.

Predictive maintenance

This type of maintenance is mainly conducted in the industrial environment for heavy machinery. Most machines commonly have indicators for their condition. The indicators can be read for predicting the impending failures. Different equipment may show different indicators. The engineers and technicians are able to identify the indicators by using the predictive tools like vibration analysis, monitor sensors, and routine oil analysis so that they can predict the problem of the machine before occurring. In addition, it will prevent the machine from the extensive breakdown.

Breakdown maintenance

Planning the maintenance for each piece of the equipment is not an economical idea. There are some of the parts of the equipment which are not so critical since they have no affect on the safety. Moreover, those parts can usually be replaced and cheaper. For this case, it will be better to perform the maintenance for the equipment which is very critical and expensive to replace.

Preventive maintenance

To perform this type of maintenance, you can make a list of the tasks and steps you will do for your equipment. One of the examples of this maintenance is replacing the filters during the inspection. The preventive maintenance can be based on the breakdown history of the machine.

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance is basically the same as the breakdown maintenance since it is also aimed to repair the broken assets. In addition, this maintenance is carried out after the problem or failure occurred. The difference of this maintenance from the breakdown maintenance is that it is preplanning so that it can directly be carried out when the production is getting slow or idle. This maintenance can reduce the lost revenue.

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To recognize the problem of the equipment, the engineer usually performs vibration testing equipment. One of the essential issue in performing maintenance is the accelerometer vibration. It can also enable the engineer perform his task easily.

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Several Machinery maintenance Methods

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