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For any homes Repairman and maintenance out there, no matter how new your property or how careful your tenants are, you have to do for occasional repairs and maintenance. The problems could be in a minor key, such as a secure channel, or large, like a leaky roof.

For your own protection, make sure that any repairs or maintenance requests from tenants will be made in writing. This creates a report on the inquiry, the nature of the problem, the date is entered, the action taken, andConfirmation of the tenant satisfaction with the service.

Confirm Make sure you follow up with tenants to determine whether the contractor you stopped doing the work was about the time and was polite, and whether the repair was completed to his satisfaction. This information is mentioned to be useful in deciding the future for maintenance repairs. Keep good records of all maintenance and repair, what is being treated.

The best time to resolve a problem before it even starts. Hereare some tips on how to reduce the maintenance and problems:

(1) expect the walls dirty and scratched. Use the same color of paint for the interior design for all properties that touch it lightly to a wall. In this way there is never a problem trying to match the correct colors.

(2) Use high quality fittings, which can be easily repaired. Leaky faucets can cause irritation to tenants. The valves do not have to be fancy or expensive, just good quality. This reduces the chanceof leaky faucets and lower your repair bills over the long term.

(3) developing reliable point of contact for repairs and maintenance. Maintenance companies to a wide range of services such as plumbing, electrical repair handle, and too dry. If a problem occurs, you should resolve it immediately.

(4) Use the same brand of locks on your doors. When a tenant moves out, you can switch from one object to another lock. The locks last a long time, so that you keep them inRotation. But do not use the same locks on the same property after a tenant moves out, because it is a liability.


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Real Estate – Property Repairman and Maintenance

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This article was published on 2010/09/09