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The preventive maintenance is a technical term that comprises of two crucial terms- preventive and maintenance. Thus, together they mean regular maintenance to prevent deterioration. This maintenance is not limited to a particular sphere. It can include anything- from the maintenance of home to car, body to machineries. Regular maintenance makes sure that the equipments, houses and even our bodies are working properly. Changing engine oil in your car periodically is the commonest example of preventive maintenance.


Preventive Maintenance Program and Software


In past, this routine was undertaken personally, but now computers can provide the automated support of preventive maintenance. You are no longer required to remember when your car or some equipment is due for the maintenance. There are different programs designed to schedule it for you and alerts are sent to remind. Also, there are maintenance software known as CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management Software). These can identify the problems and fix them. The most widespread use of the software is seen in the fields of healthcare facilities, personal assets, correctional facilities and so on.


As more technologies are introduced to take care of the root cause analysis or where self-healing is required, one support platform is provided through remote service automation. There are many companies that provide service automation that include software distribution and inventory management. With this facility, preventive maintenance can be scheduled so that the systems can perform smoothly eliminating all kinds of technical issues.


Why Preventive Maintenance


The primary objective of undertaking preventive maintenance is to deter any kind of failure of system, increasing its lifespan. Using equipment causes depreciation which decreases its longevity. With the preventive measures you can ensure that the equipment does not give up to the everyday wear and tear. In industrial sector, it plays a very important role. By these measures, you can keep the record of the conditions of machineries. Regular maintenance can save you the cost of untimely replacement of equipment or spare parts. Preventive maintenance of your home helps you save major repairs. Similarly, maintaining your vehicles gives better mileage as well as performance.




Whether you take preventive measures personally or install preventive maintenance software, it will cost you according to the usage. Another important thing to remember is that despite of the automated support that enables computerized scheduling and reminding of maintenance, you should also keep a track of the physical features of the preventive maintenance.


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Know about Preventive Maintenance

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