Contract Maintenance For Your Property

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What happens if a water pipe in your home bursts in the middle of the night? What if your basin gets clogged and your kitchen is flooded? Who can you depend on during such times? The answer lies in entering into a contract for property maintenance. Seek professional help and enjoy excellent customer service throughout the year at a low monthly premium. Whether you are an individual home owner or property manager with a big property portfolio, you must be aware of the value of hiring a professional property maintenance company like Home Care Services.

Home Care Services is a contract maintenance company operating in Pretoria and surrounding areas. Through their unique monthly Maintenance Plan offering they have helped numerous clients maintain their homes and business properties. Read more to find out why you should consider signing up for contract property maintenance.

Advantages of Property Maintenance Contracts

-Maintenance issues are not only expensive but also a great bother, especially when you are faced with emergencies at odd hours and you do not know whom to contact. None of us wants to crawl out of bed on a cold wintry night to mend a leaking water pipe, nor does anyone wish to brave the rains and thunderstorms to clean up basements that have got waterlogged because of blocked drains.

-Professional property maintenance companies like Home Care Services have trained and experienced artisans that will take care of your propertys maintenance and save you money on expensive maintenance costs through regular and routine maintenance.

-It is advisable to sign a contract for property maintenance since reputable property maintenance companies like Home Care Services can provide you access to electricians, plumbers and other artisans that can assist with minor repairs that would otherwise cost a fortune.

-Through Home Care Services Maintenance Plan clients have access to their help desk 24/7 and response times are guaranteed.

-Regular property maintenance improves the real estate value of the mentioned properties.

-Home Care Services makes use of sophisticated machinery like the FLIR i5 infrared thermal imaging camera to help them identify and deal with hidden maintenance issues.
Taking all of the above in consideration, regardless of whether you are a real estate agent, a private home owner or a property manager, you can conveniently seek Home Care Services property maintenance services by making use of their monthly Maintenance Plan.

For a low monthly premium you can enjoy round-the-year property maintenance. Home Care Services only make use of in-house artisans thereby guaranteeing high quality and fast service. Response times are guaranteed and Maintenance Plan clients do not pay additional call-out fees for items that are covered under the Maintenance Plan. Contact Home Care Services help desk today to schedule a consultation.
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Contract Maintenance For Your Property

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This article was published on 2010/09/30